Welcome to the INFORM Virtual Tissue Bank, (VTB). The VTB grew out of the desire to share research sample information and testing results to help advance the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of fatty acid oxidation and the carnitine cycle in order to increase knowledge and help patients worldwide.

Who can use the VTB?

The information in the VTB is only able to be accessed by registered Principal Investigators and their research teams.  Once on the home page you will see a list of Principal Investigators already approved to have access to input data. In order to view the research sample data you must register and have been approved to access the site.

How do I log-in?

If you are a PI logging in for the first time, select your name as you begin the registration process. Before entering any data your registration will need to be approved for security reasons which may take up to one day.  Other investigators in your lab will be able to build their own accounts to view all the samples on the VTB, but will not be able to enter or change data without your knowledge. Please see the tutorial that you should have received in a separate email that was sent to all PI’s.

How do I add research to the VTB?

If you would like to add your research lab to the VTB or you are interested in viewing the FAOD samples on the site please send an email to the INFORM Coordinator, Keith McIntire at:​  or build a registration under one of the Investigators. Upon approval you will be granted access to the VTB.