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Rikke KJ Olsen, MSc, PhD


Rikke KJ Olsen has a master degree in molecular biology and a PhD in medicine and she currently holds a position as associate professor at the Research Unit for Molecular Medicine, Aarhus University, Denmark. The research unit functions as a diagnostic centre for fatty acid oxidation disorders in Denmark and as an educational and technical research core facility for mitochondrial medicine at the hospital.

Rikke KJ Olsen’s research aims at elucidating the molecular genetics and cellular pathology of inborn errors of metabolism with special focus on fatty acid oxidation disorders. She integrates genetic diagnostics of affected families with research into cell pathological mechanisms and novel treatment modalities in the form of mitochondrial vitamins/co-factors and anaplerotic compounds.

In recent years, Rikke KJ Olsen has initiated research programs to understand the role that mitochondria and fatty acid oxidation may play in post-inflammatory fatigue with special focus on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS).

Besides science, Rikke KJ Olsen is an active member of the Neonatal Screening Program for inborn errors of metabolism in Denmark and board member of the INFORM Network Committee, and the European ME Research Group (EMERG).