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Jamal Jackson asked 3 years ago
My daughter (13) was diagnosed with VLCADD as an infant. After consistently being in and out of the hospital in early childhood, she was admitted into the Dojolvi clinical trials and went 4-5 years without hospitalization. In June (2021), a few days after receiving her 2nd Covid-19 vaccination shot, she was admitted to the hospital due to rhabdomyolysis and was newly diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy. She was prescribed prednisone to treat the iga nephropathy and since that first admittance in June she has been hospitalized 9 additional times – with the most current being this past Tuesday. We can’t figure out what’s going on. Could the prednisone be the spark behind these recurrences? Has anyone had experiences with VLCADD and prednisone (good or bad)?

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Keith McIntire answered 2 years ago
Recent data have shown that VLCAD deficiency leads to a pro-inflammatory state that explains in part the persistence of rhabdomyolysis during times of stress even on triheptanoin. COVID19 is now recognized as an inflammatory disease, but a vaccine to it shouldn’t be any more problematic than any other vaccination. Unfortunately, once one episode of rhabdo occurs, it tends to make a patient more prone to more. In this setting, I have often used prednisone to calm down the inflammation. It certainly doesn’t predispose to rhabdo unless used chronically (for many months), when it can cause muscle weakness and predispose to rhabdo for that reason. Hope this helps. Dr. Vockley