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Luke Scholl asked 3 years ago
My 8 day old son was diagnosed with possible VLCAD. He seems fine and hasn’t shown any symptoms. We saw a specialist to get some blood work done, so just waiting on results. My question is what are the chances it’s a false alarm if both his mother and I as well as our 2 and a half year old daughter don’t suffer or have VLCAD and our son hasn’t show any symptoms?

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INFORM Physician answered 3 years ago

Mr. Scholl, I’m sorry, but this is not enough information for me to provide you with a specific answer. Many babies with VLCAD deficiency do not show symptoms in the newborn period, so a positive newborn screen should always be taken seriously and definitive testing performed. Your metabolic doc should certainly know how to do this and i would be cautious in the meantime and follow appropriate precautions. In most cases this means allowing no longer than 3 hours between feedings until results are available. Be sure to let the metabolic team and your pediatrician know if your baby becomes more sleepy or irritable than usual or can’t be aroused for feedings.