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Olga asked 5 years ago
My child is 1 year old. lchad. this is a problem for lchad absorption of fat-soluble vitamins d, e, k, a. if you read about vitamin E deficiency on the Internet, then there are symptoms like retinopathy and peripheral neuropathy. can vitamin E deficiency be one of the causes of retinopathy and peripheral neuropathy with lchad? It is also known that the lchad diet includes a lot of carbohydrates. when burning carbohydrates, a large number of free radicals are formed. are there any studies on the effects of vitamins and antioxidants in lchad? and there are DEKAs vitamin complexes, can they be used with LCHAD?
replied 5 years ago

Olga, there are no good studies on the effect of vitamin E in LCHAD patients, though there is some work on the use of an essential fatty basic know as DHA. That said, I follow fat soluble vitamin and essential fatty acid levels in all patient on a fat restricted diet including LCHAD deficiency to be sure that they are not deficiency. There is growing attention to the potential use of antioxidants in the treatment of fatty acid oxidation disorders. Several INFORM investigators presented information on an unusual inflammatory response in patients with fatty acid oxidation disorders, along with experiments in patient cells that showed improvement in cellular energy with treatment of antioxidants. Unfortunately, most of the readily available antioxidants don’t get into mitochondria well, and these studies focused on next generations comments that do, but aren’t yet available for humans. One new clinical trial currently active is for a drug that in part acts as an antioxidant and is recruiting adults (>18 years) and soon adolescents with long chain fatty acid oxidation disorders (including LCHAD. You can watch the INFORM website for announcements on new clinical trials that might be available. Hope this helps. Dr. Vockley