DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsThoughts on IV Stem Cell ‘treatment’ for anyone with an FOD?
Keith asked 4 years ago
Dr Vockley I am hearing that more and more adults fully diagnosed with an FOD and some still searching are looking for ways of enhancing their quality of life (especially if they also live with autoimmune disorders, muscle aches, etc.). I have heard about IV stem cell research for FODs before.  Do you have any thoughts on this type of ‘treatment’ for anyone with an FOD?

Would there be a problem? obviously it’s not about to cure an FOD, but might there be contraindications for doing it?

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INFORM Physician answered 4 years ago
Great Question
This is potentially very dangerous! First of all, the broad and non-specific claims that they make should be enough to scare anyone away from trying this procedure. They have never been tested scientifically and are way beyond the scope of believable. It always makes me angry when unethical charlatans prey on the desperate! If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In Injecting foreign cells and proteins in the body is a great way to induce or worsen an immune response and inflammation. Not to mention, I wouldn’t trust the quality control for such a product. Who knows what infections or toxic agents might be in their preparation? Please warn your followers against this very unsafe practice, and even further, suggest they report anyone offering it to the FDA.
More specifically about inflammation in FAODs, my most recent lab research clearly identifies that patients with FAODs have an atypical inflammatory response that is worse in some than others. This is probably the reason for continued rhabdo in the context of otherwise good metabolic control. I’ve taken to doing some immune modulation in some of my most unresponsive patients with some success, but we are still early in our understanding of the process. Some of our new drug development is focused specifically on this problem including the Reneo drug and a new mitochondrial antioxidant we are working on. Patients with significant inflammatory issues should consider signing up for these trials as they become available. I hope this helps.
Dr. Jerry Vockley