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Alisia Klimasewiski asked 4 years ago
I’m digging into my prometheus gene report to see if any of my genes would explain extreme muscle pain and fatigue after exercise, during weight loss, exposure to hot, cold and viruses. I am 43 and have had these symptoms my entire life. 
Im trying to get a referral to someone in Colorado that could help me. It looks like I have 1 bad gene rs1800556 (SCAD OR ACAD), cpt2 (rs1799821), slc22a5 (rs2676053), and many ADAD9 &ACAD genes that are not specified as good or bad. With these finding should I spend time seeking out a genetic or FODD specialist?
Thank you for your time any advise is very appreciated,
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replied 4 years ago

Ms. Klimasewiski, these results were not done by a clinically approved lab and are not interpretable. II certainly sounds like you may have a metabolic muscle problem, the metabolic group at Colarado Children’s Hospital deal with these disorders and see adults. Alternatively, many adult neurologists deal with such symptoms. I hope this helps. Dr. Vockley