DWQA QuestionsRhabdomyolysis Recovery
Stephanie Harry- Son LCHADD 10 asked 5 years ago
 I was wondering if there was a platform where clinicians and dieticians have been able to collaborate in regards to the recovery process after episodes of rhabdomyolysis in FAODs.  I understand the basics: Rest, Over-hydration, and increase in protein. But I would love to hear more from a clinician’s/ dietician’s perspective of ways to encourage the effectiveness of the recovery process, stretches that may help after Rhabdo, and how to safely re-engage with activity after an episode.  I understand that it would be nearly impossible to prove/disprove any particular methodology…and yet I feel like there is something I am missing when my son is recovering from rhadbomyolysis…and the literature is just so slim! Thanks!
replied 5 years ago

Stephanie, I know of no such collaborative effort and it is an excellent suggest to have one. It’s a great opportunity for INFORM to tackle. I’ll add it to our agenda to discuss at our next meeting and see if we figure out how best to collect the information. I hope you’ll be willing to help with the effort. Dr. Vockley