DWQA QuestionsOdd Chain Fatty Acid Breakdown
Stephanie Harry asked 5 years ago
How many odd chain fats does the average person (without an FAOD) consume in one day?  Are they primarily consumed through whole milk dairy, rye and fish in the average population?  If this is accurate, isn’t it possible that vegans and/or vegetarians primarily rely on even chain fats for energy or are they still getting odd chain fats from another source? Hypothetically, what would be different between a child with LCHADD only processing even chain fats (and the effects on their TCA cycle) and a person without LCHADD (i.e. vegan/vegetarian) who is PRIMARILY consuming and using even chain fats (and their TCA cycle)?

1 Answers
INFORM Physician answered 5 years ago
Odd chain fats are relatively rare in the diet. They come from cellular recycling of other complex molecules such as cholesterol, some hormones, and bilirubin. Your body makes all of these whether or not you consume animal protein, and so even vegans are exposed to odd chain fats. Regardless, the same enzymes metabolize both even and odd chain fats, so it really doesn’t matter how much of either you have in your diet.