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shona Pippet asked 3 years ago

Dear Dr Vockley,
Thanks for your help in the past. So sorry to bother you again.
I have a couple of questions about VLCAD and the vaccines on offer at the moment in Australia. We have two to choose from, the Astrazeneca and the Pfizer vacs.
I have many allergies to drugs but maybe I should call them sensitivities or triggers rather than allergies, which can lead to Rhabdo.  My last attack was back in May and I am still recovering I hope! It is slow probably due to other problems such as Grave\’s Disease, which was treated with RAI over 30 years ago. Liver problems  it was enlarged on my last scan, ( do these things ever go away)? I also had hypoglycemia with my last attack so I came home with instructions to drink lots of lemonade! I hate the stuff!
I can\’t walk very far at the moment and have invested in a motorized wheel chair for use at the shops. Somedays my legs are good and some days  my leg muscles are quite reactive, bending or stretching can set ithem off and I believed that is could be a peripheral neuropathy but really it is more like paresis as my legs don\’t really want to move and movement is slow and laborious. It varies from day to day as to the intensity of it. Don\’t really know if they are threatening to go into a Rhabdo attack or not. My SOS powder does seem to help for a short while, I can feel my feet actually warm up and the pain of the muscle contractions does tend to ease off for a short while. My neuro  seems to believe that I have some sort of \”autoimmune ion channel disorder\” running alongside this as I definitely have eyelid myotonia and ptosis mainly in my right eyelid. Type 2 muscle fiber atrophy on two muscle biopsies also.
Anyway that aside with only two choices of vaccine or maybe 3, two that are mRNA vaccines, I am worried about having any of them. I know I am going to have to have one sooner rather than later but it scary. A: I carry one Prothrombin Gene which makes me a bit more prone to blood clots and I believe Rhabdo can cause a similar thing, I have an allergy to Heparin! I have also had mild thrombocytopenia in the past, which I think could be due to Grave\’s Disease, so I have ruled the Astra vaccine out, in my head.
I had great hopes of having the Pfizer vaccine but I have done some serious reading on that one too.  Number one concern is I have never been able to have a full colonoscopy due to a bad reaction to PEG as it caused stomach pain, causing  my CK to rise rapidly.
I have parietal cell antibodies and auto-immune gastritis. None of this is making it easy for me on deciding which vaccine to have. My VLCAD Dr suggested the Pfizer but at that time I didn\’t know what was in the vaccine. Hexane is another issue.
Either way I believe this new nanotechnology works by enveloping the said virus in lipids, PEG and all the other stuff, to ensure that the virus is transported into the cells.
Just wondering how this works in people like myself, would the block at the cellular level allow for the good stuff to get to the cells before the lipid envelope that is delivering into the cells breaks down. Would it be effective, would it do as it is meant to do?
I don\’t know if I am making any sense here but my biggest concern is that I risk having it with my sensitivity to PEG and hopefully by that route, it won\’t cause a problem as it did via the stomach.
I think Astrazeneca is too much of a risk but I also worry about muscle pain as well from the Pfizer, causing an attack of Rhabdo. My specialist said to have it but she doesn\’t know my full history, my neuro who has seen me go through so many things in the past, including severe hyponatremia after an operation in the past. Also a bad reaction to Immunoglobulin, after the second infusion, which he tried on me when he found out I had \”glycine receptor antibodies\”, ( low positive) on three ocassions.
I saw him about a month ago and don\’t see him again for another 6 months, he said to put the vaccine off for a bit! I guess my LFT\’s weren\’t quite back to normal after 3 months, since my last Rhado attack.
If I hang about I know I am at serious risk but the vaccines are also risky for me.  At the end of the day I know it is my choice and I am not asking you to make that for me.  At the moment we are relatively safe here with no new covid19 cases in our state, but that could change at any time. I am over 60
68 to be exact  so technically I wasn\’t entitled to have the Pfizer here but they are giving it to the over 60\’s now as well. Should I wait and hope for a more suitable vaccine or should I just bite the bullet and hope for the best.
Kind regards again and thank you for what you do. Always appreciated!

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Keith McIntire answered 3 years ago
We have had patients use the Pfizer vaccine without problem but don’t have any experience with the AstraZeneca one. We recommend working with your local metabolic physician to decide. Best regards, Dr. Vockley