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Taylor Smith asked 11 months ago
As a young woman with MCADD what’s the best way to lose weight with? How should one go about losing weight and toning up with MCADD?

1 Answers
Keith McIntire answered 11 months ago
Losing weight with MCADD is more complicated but definitely possible. Let’s start with the basics. Weight loss will require caloric expenditure in excess of intake. In other words, you have to burn more calories than you eat. For most people, general recommendations for effective and long-lasting weight loss are to not lose more than a pound a week. This is probably too much with MCADD because you’ll need to balance the loss with risk of tipping into metabolic imbalance. First and foremost, you should plan on losing no more than about 1-2 pounds every month. I suggest starting by increasing your exercise while keeping your caloric intake constant. You should be able to do anything that anyone else does, though start slowly and build up if you haven’t done much up to now. Avoid “fast start” programs that push you to exhaustion. Moderate aerobic exercise (brisk walking or slow jogging, biking, swimming) are all good options. Group exercise programs are also suitable as long as they don’t push you too hard. If you haven’t started losing weight in a couple of months, you can reduce your calories by 5%. When you get to your desired goal, then just find the caloric intake that allows you to maintain it. Be careful of exercise energy drinks. Many have MCT oil and would be dangerous for you to use. Finally, please do this in conjunction with your local metabolic team, especially working closely with your metabolic dietitian. They can help you implement a weight loss program safely. I hope this helps. Dr. Vockley