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Marie asked 1 year ago
Hello everyone,
I would like to know what symptoms a person diagnosed with MCADD has if he or she eats palm oil?
Can palm oil ingestion cause symptoms such as the ones that can be found in indigestion (such as abdominal pain and nausea)? Or does it cause hypoglycemia?
Thank you!

1 Answers
Keith McIntire answered 1 year ago
Hi Marie,
The symptoms someone with MCADD might experience when consuming palm oil would depend on the amount or dose consumed.

  1. Small amounts such as tablespoons would increase plasma medium chain metabolites such as octanoyl-carnitine and urine organic acids but would not be felt by the patient – especially if consumed with a mixed meal that has carbohydrate and protein.
  2. Large amounts that displace carbohydrates from a meal (like 1/2cup or more) where most of the Calories are from Palm oil could lead to hypoglycemia. This is related to 2 factors: Absence of other metabolizable nutrients like carbohydrates and protein; presence of medium-chain fats that cannot be metabolized. I hope this helps. Melanie Gillingham PhD, RD