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Adam Lane asked 4 years ago
Just curious if there have been any preliminary findings or anectodotal  info on covid-19 effect on those with MCADD.
replied 4 years ago

Adam, there are no studies yet on COVID19 effect on MCADD or any other FAOD. In general, my sense from talking to colleagues is that hospitalizations during the pandemic induced self isolating have been lower than normal. This effect likely reflects decreased exposure to all viral infections, not just COVID. There is a national effort ongoing to collect information on COVID infections in patients with metabolic disorders including FAODs but it will likely take a while before we have any information coming from it. It is certainly too soon for patients with FAODs to relax their precautions. You should continue to limit your outside contacts as much as is feasible, and when outside, always wear a mask and practice personal distancing. As always, report any symptoms of illness to your PCP and local metabolic team. You can learn more about COVID19 and FAODs from a town hall that a did earlier this year, bookmarked elsewhere on the INFORM website. Hope this helps. Dr. Vockley

Keith McIntire
replied 4 years ago

Here is the link to the video which can also be found at the bottom of our homepage. The presntation was done in cooperation with MitoAction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWUv1wdOlio&feature=youtu.be