DWQA QuestionsMCADD and Covid-19 Vaccine
Ryan Sampson asked 3 years ago
Do know if there are any implications to those with MCADD (or any FAOD in general) to receiving an mRNA vaccine delivered using lipid nanoparticles?

1 Answers
INFORM Physician answered 3 years ago
There are two answers to your question. First, there is no reason to think that a vaccine to COVID19 should cause any more problems in FAODs than any other vaccine. Given the risk for significant metabolic decompensation due to an infection, the real protective properties of any vaccine far outweigh any theoretical risks. As for any vaccine, pretreating with anti-inflammatory agents (acetaminophen, ibuporfen, naproxen, but NOT aspirin) will decease severe and stress related to the vaccine. Due to the presence of a chronic disease, patients with FAODs should be eligible for vaccine sooner than the general population regardless of age. The second part of the answer relates to the lipid nanoparticle part of the mRNA vaccines. It turns out that the lipid dose is very small relative to normal dietary intake (even in a reduced fat diet) that there should be no problem for them to be used in patients with FAODs. Hope this helps. Dr. Vockley