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Christopher R Rowley asked 3 years ago
Hi – Is there anyone focused on how young adults in athletics with MCADD can optimize their performance? Our 15 year old son has MCAD and participates in Basketball and Track. He seems to get more tired and sore than other athletes. We are focusing on eating carbohydrates and staying well hydrated and with electrolytes. We would love to find someone who has studied this area to engage with. Thank you for all you do. We were unaware of Inform until now. We will follow it closely and look for opportunities to support it.

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INFORM Physician answered 3 years ago
Ms. Rowley: Thank you for your question about managing MCADD during sports. We actually get it asked a lot. It has not been formerly studied in patients with MCADD but it sounds like you are already doing things I would recommend based on general exercise physiology. Regular carbohydrates, hydrate and breaks during long workouts is a good approach. A few other thoughts: The intensity of the exercise is the primary factor that drives the muscle to use glucose or to use fat. Short bursts of high intensity exercise use glucose. Long slow exercise uses more fat for energy. I think high intensity interval training is probably better for patients with FAODs (although not formerly tested yet). Basketball is a mixed sport. Fast breaks down the court are high intensity. Long practices and multi-day tournaments might be where you need to be extra careful. We are hoping to have a clinical trial for a new medication for MCADD that should be of particular benefit in this setting. Keep watching these pages for information in the coming months. Hope this helps. Drs. Vockley and Gillingham