Lisa Kinney asked 6 years ago
My daughter is 21 has MCAD and is currently newly pregnant she is struggling with keeping food down. The doctors said zofran is safe for the baby for her to take. Is there research on how to treat a MCAD pregnant female ? 

1 Answers
INFORM Physician answered 5 years ago
There is not so much research as experience in treating patients with MCAD deficiency who are pregnant. As your daughter has learned, the common nausea of pregnancy that is difficult for anyone to tolerate is that much more of a risk in the face of MCAD deficiency. The key is keeping down calories and fluids in any way possible. Typically, lots of calorie contain clear fluids are easiest to tolerate, but it’s different for all. Zofran and some other anti-nausea medications have been used in pregnancies and are thought to be safe for the baby. I suggest your daughter maintain close contact with her metabolic team throughout her pregnancy so that they can help with specific questions. One quick note for moms carrying babies with long chain FAODs, they are risk for severe pregnancy complications know as acute fatty liver of pregnancy or HELLP syndrome and require special metabolic follow up. Hope this helps. Dr. Voickley