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Sierra asked 1 month ago
I have been struggling with one odd health syndrome after another for about 12 years. My biochemical tests (Genova NutrEval and Great Plains Organic Acid Test) both indicate either Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorder or Glutaric Aciduria. I am in Phoenix and am unaware of any specialists here that treat these disorders. When I type in “metabolism” in my insurance website’s “Doctor Finder,” it brings up Endocrinologists. When I go to Medifind.com, the only metabolism disorder listed is amino acid metabolism and the results are hematologists. Do patients usually need to travel to a specialty center to get treatment but any provider can order the acylcarnitine profile and refer to genetecist for diagnosis?

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Keith McIntire answered 4 weeks ago

The Division of Genetics at Phoenix Children’s Hospital treat these disorders in adults, you can call there for details about making an appointment.