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Iris Alonzo – Philippines asked 8 months ago
Can Dojolvi and MCT oil be taken at the same time? Just read the information here on VLCADD and it\’s written that MCT can be a supplement while on Dojolvi. Is this correct?
I was told a few years back that triheptanoin and MCT counter react. May I know what\’s the correct information?

1 Answers
Keith McIntire answered 8 months ago
It is not dangerous to mix MCT oil and triheptanoin, but diet can only tolerate so much medium chain fats. If you are on triheptanoin and take MCT in addition, it decreases the amount of triheptanoin you can use, which could affect efficacy. So, I typically transition all medium chain fats to triheptanoin in my patients. I hope this helps. Dr. Vockley