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Alejandro Garza asked 5 years ago
According to Dr Melanie Gillingham, Omegas are recommended to avoid additional vision problems but not to slow retinopathy in LCHADers.
Is there any information that I’m not aware of about this issue?

1 Answers
INFORM Physician answered 5 years ago
You are correct. Dr. Gillinham’s studies have suggested that DHA can help slow the progression of eye disease but probably doesn’t stop its progression. It doesn’t seem to have much effect on the peripheral nerve disease either. For now, we don’t have much else to offer for treatment of the retinal problems in LCHAD, but see my answer today to another question about prospects for LCHAD for the future. Dr. Gillingham does have some ongoing studies that you can access elsewhere on the INFORM website in case you might be interested in participating in any studies. Hope this helps. Dr. Vockley