DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsCPT II deficiency and pregnancy
Jaden asked 2 years ago
What are the possible pregnancy complications of women affected with CPT II deficiency carrying a fetus heterozygous for CPT II deficiency (other than rhabdomyolysis and hypoglycemia)?

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INFORM Physician answered 2 years ago
Jaden, you didn’t mention if you have an early onset version of the disorder or one of the late onset mutations. In general, the risks are likely the same as any stress on your body: rhabdo is most likely with a concern for cardiomyopathy if you have earlier onset disease. Hypoglycemia is uncommon in adults, but be sure that you are supported with a glucose containing IV during labor and delivery. I suggest working with your local metabolic team to have a deliver plan in place with your birth center or hospital. You might want to consider a consultation with a high risk obstetrician. You might be worried about acute fatty liver of pregnancy or HELLP syndrome. That is not likely to happen in this disease, but always worth monitoring. I hope this helps. Dr. Vockley