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Sheryl Mulder asked 4 years ago
Has there been any patients with these disorders that have had COVID – 19? How has it affected them?  Are there any additional real or theoretical concerns about contracting the virus by someone who has a disorder like cpt2 deficiency, etc. other than the known concerns when experiencing any illness that can lead to fever and decreased intake? I have heard some theories about how there have been some cases where people with COVID have had elevations in creatinine kinase levels due to the structural effects of the viral DNA.

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INFORM Physician answered 4 years ago

Ms. Mulder, We don’t really have any info on COVID19 and FAODs yet. The lung disease that is the biggest risk in the general population is also likely to be an issue in FAOD. However, the added concern is the metabolic stress caused by any infections and thus also COVID. This stress could certainly trigger an episode of rehab, and I suspect that the risk is similar to that of other severe viral infections such as influenza. Given the risks, it’s best to follow all of the personal distancing and protection practices recommended by the CDC. You can learn more from a webcast that I did last week through Inform and MitoAction: Here is the link to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWUv1wdOlio&feature=youtu.be
Hope this helps. Dr. Vockley