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Niels Gregersen, PhD

After obtaining a Ph.D. in organic chemistry, Professor Gregersen worked as a clinical biochemist in Copenhagen and later in Aarhus, where he directed a diagnostics laboratory for Inborn Errors of Metabolism. Since 1974 he has participated in the development of the field of FAO deficiencies, including MCADD, SCADD, VLCADD, and MADD, from urine and blood metabolites, enzymes and DNA, as well as cell biological studies of mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress. In 1999 Professor Gregersen was appointed to his current position as professor of molecular medicine, which also included the organization of a Ph.D. program in molecular medicine. During the last five years, Professor Gregersen has obtained grants for three large protein mass spectrometers, which are now important instruments in investigating the cellular pathophysiology in FAO defects, as well as central to the institution’s proteomic core-facility.