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Jean Bastin, PhD

After receiving a Ph.D. and postdoctoral training in developmental physiology and biochemistry, Dr. Bastin started his research career working on postnatal development of energy metabolism, with interest in nutritional and hormonal regulation of FAO in rat pups. After switching to the field of inborn FAO and respiratory chain (RC) deficiencies, he started heading a team at INSERM-University Paris Descartes to explore pharmacological approaches based on previous observations in rats. More generally, his group is engaged in pre-clinical research with a particular interest in drug screening, personalized genotype-based therapy, and possible applications to patients. In the last ten years, they have characterized the potential of bezafibrate, a widely prescribed hypolipidemic drug for correction of various FAO and RC disorders, in panels of patient cells. Dr. Bastin’s team also recently established beneficial effects of resveratrol, a natural polyphenol compound, in these disorders. He is also an important contributing member of the International Network for Fatty Acid Oxidation Research and Management (INFORM) team.