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At the International Network for Fatty Acid Oxidation Research and Management (INFORM), we are staying up-to-date on the latest research in the field and hold an annual meeting that examines this research in more depth. INFORM 2020, was held as a virtual meeting on Tuesday October 27th and Wednesday October 28th.  All of the lectures along with Q & A,  as well as the Exhibition and Poster Halls are now available on Demand!

About the Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorders Conference

Disorders of fatty acid oxidation and the carnitine cycle are important causes of morbidity and mortality. With the introduction of expanded newborn screening, many of these conditions can be diagnosed and treated at birth, preventing several of the complications later in life. Treatment of these conditions may include fasting-avoidance, diets low in fat containing specific fatty acids, and carnitine supplements. New types of therapies, nutritional and pharmacological, are being tested in humans and animal models of these conditions. Unfortunately, treatment is only partially effective for some conditions, and we still do not completely understand the pathophysiology of end-organ damage caused by these inherited disorders.

The objective of our fatty acid oxidation disorders conference is to familiarize the audience with recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of fatty acid oxidation disorder and of the carnitine cycle.  Each year our international meeting will discuss the proper diagnostic interpretation of laboratory testing, development of new therapeutic strategies, and the role of newborn screening ​in preventing complications. Top researchers in the field such as our Co-Chair and Scientific Organizer, Jerry Vockley, will be there to discuss the latest fatty acid oxidation research.

INFORM 2020 has been dedicated to the memory of our dear friend Toshi.

INFORM 2020 Virtual Event Information

INFORM 2020 was held as a virtual meeting on Tuesday October 27th and Wednesday the 28th, 2020. The meeting is now available On Demand.

This FAOD meeting is held annually to provide a collaborative framework for ongoing communication and research in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to fatty acid oxidation and the carnitine cycle. Our agenda is developed, and our plenary speakers are all identified by our scientific committee. As always, our meeting is packed with information on recent advances to share among this international group of FAOD experts and clinicians.

All abstracts submitted to our fatty acid oxidation disorders meeting are on display in the Virtual Poster Presentation Events Hall through April of 2021. Everyone that submits an abstract will have the opportunity ​to display their poster. Awards will be presented to the top Jr. Investigators for the Overall Best Poster, The Best Jr. Investigator Poster as well as Honorable Mention Posters.

On behalf of the INFORM 2020 planning and scientific committees, we want to thank our Poster Award Sponsors, Ultragenyx and Reneo and we hope that you enjoy our On Demand meeting and virtual platform.


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Infants are Identified yearly with FAOD’s in the United States through Newborn Screening
People Identified in the United States with FAOD’s
People Living in the World with FAOD’s

2020 Poster Winners Sponsored by:


Reneo … Best Overall Poster Award / Khaled Alatibi

The emerging role of the mitochondrial fatty-acid synthase (mtFASII) in the regulation of energy metabolism

View Khaled’s Award Winning Poster

Ultragenyx … Honorable Mention, Best Junior Investigator Poster Award / Meicheng Wang

A cardiolipin-binding peptide improves cellular bioenergetics in mitochondrial trifunctional-deficient (TFP) mice and patient fibroblasts

View Mei’s Award Winning Poster

Ultragenyx … Honorable Mention Poster Award / Yudong Wang

Defining the structural and functional role of VLCAD in the FAO/ETC-SC through recombination with VLCAD to VLCAD KO mice heart mitochondria

View Yudong’s Award Winning Poster

Ultragenyx … Honorable Mention Poster Award / Johannes C.W. Odendaal

Semi-stochastic and patient-models of human mFAO suggest CoASH oversequestration as possible cause of hypoglycaemia in MCADD

View Christoff’s Award Winning Poster


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“I appreciate that INFORM always provides us the most advanced, the most professional, and the most comprehensive information about defects of beta-oxidation.”


“Together we can generate the energy to beat these diseases”


“INFORM brings together the best and brightest researchers and physicians from around the world to discuss cutting edge research and best and new practices in fatty acid oxidation disorders.”


“The challenge with being on the cutting edge is that you are always dealing with things that didn’t happen yesterday”.


2020 Sponsors

Special thanks to our 2020 Sponsors!
With significant new research and best practices on the horizon,
INFORM 2020 has been our most informative meeting ever!

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