INFORM 2024 Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Abstract submission will open 19 February 2024

Abstracts have to be submitted exclusively via email. The presenting author’s name and abstract title MUST be in the Subject line of the email.
Forwarded to

Deadline for submission is April 15, 2024

All abstracts will be considered for one of eight oral presentations during the INFORM 2024 meeting.
and all abstracts submitted are automatically eligible for our poster presentation being held on
Sunday September 1, 2024, for one of four monetary awards.

There is no difference in submission of abstracts for oral or poster presentations.
Submitted abstracts can be modified up until July 1, 2024.

The presenting author must be listed first and must be the author that submits the abstract.

All contribution must relate to Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorders, (FAODs).

Abstracts must be submitted and presented in English.

INFORM asked that you please keep your Abstract to one side of a page with no limit to characters or space count. However, if you are also submitting your Abstract to the SSIEM it will have to follow their limit of 2,000 characters including spaces to be accepted by them.

If you plan to submit your abstract to INFORM and the SSIEM please check their guidelines found here: Guidelines for Abstract Submission (

Abstracts must be structured as follows: Title, Authors and Affiliations, Background, Case Study / Methods, Results, Discussion/Conclusion

The title should be written in standard sentence style with lower case letters (except first word, names, human gene names [always upper-case letters & italics], etc.).

The text should be grammatically suitable for publication.

Special characters can be included during submission.

Non-standard abbreviations must be defined in the text.

Drugs must be mentioned by generic names, not trade names.

Abstracts must not be used to promote specific drugs, instruments etc.

Submitted abstracts must provide results and not announcements; stating that “Findings will be discussed…” or similar is not acceptable.

The usage of special formatting should be limited. The correct replication in all media cannot be guaranteed.

The presenter is responsible for compliance with data protection, copyrights, ethical regulations and laws.

The abstract should be novel. It is acceptable to submit abstracts related to information already reported at another conference or in a journal provided that new information will also be presented.

Accepted abstracts will be published in the INFORM 2024 program booklet. (INFORM 2023 program booklet):  2023-INFORM-Program-web.pdf (

Authors’ fees or royalties cannot be claimed.

All listed authors have to consent to the abstract text as well as to their publication in all congress media.

Conflicts of interest through commercial benefits have to be disclosed.

INFORM does accept abstracts from companies. Abstracts must not be used to promote specific drugs, instruments etc. The presenter is responsible for compliance with data protection, copyrights, ethical regulations and laws. In cases where there is collaboration between companies and researchers from non-profit organizations, the work might be suitable for an abstract. Such an abstract will undergo standard selection procedures provided that conflicts of interests are clearly stated in detail. If the abstract is selected for an oral or poster presentation the presentation must have been submitted and has to be given by the collaborating researcher that is not employed by the company. In the case where the abstract is selected to be presented by the employee of the company, they are not eligible for any travel grant or award.

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed anonymously by several international experts from the INFORM Scientific Committee.

Evaluation criteria are: Aim(s) and objective(s), materials and methodology, results and conclusions.

Abstracts that contain formal errors (multi-topic submission, not anonymized) will be rejected.

E-mail notifications about submission of your abstract to INFORM will be known within 24 hours after you forward it to: .
Speaking awards will be known before May 25, 2024. All abstracts are accepted to our poster presentation held Sunday September 1, 2024 for one of 4 monetary awards.

INFORM 2024 Guidelines for Poster Presentation

  • Only the abstracts of authors registered for the INFORM symposium can submit poster,
  • Posters should be legible from a distance of 1-2 meters (the recommended size for a poster is 84 cm wide and 160 cm high (portrait),
  • Authors, please submit your poster to Keith McIntire upon arrival to the Crowne Plaza Hotel for setting up at the symposium,
    You are responsible for taking your poster down on Monday September 2nd during the afternoon break.

Poster presenters are requested to stand by the poster during Sunday evening September 1st following the opening night dinner,
to address questions the attendees and judges may have about your research.‍